Rachel Dolezal and the Fluidity of ‘Race’

  Several years ago when Chastity Bono transitioned into Chaz Bono, he received a significant amount of public support, with the media recognizing his ascent into manhood.  Recently, when former Olympian Bruce Jenner transitioned into Caitlyn Jenner, a similar phenomenon occurred, with a host of media outlets embracing her transition.  Recently, however, another kind of […]

Sarah Kane’s Cleansed: When Schools Become Prisons

For those who enjoy the shock value in Sarah Kane’s first two plays, Blasted and Phaedra’s Love, and hope to see more rape and incestuous undertones, then Cleansed would certainly satisfy (though it is light on the incestuous undertones).  Kane’s work, though, is should not be defined by these elements, as they are merely pieces of a […]