Fav Five Pieces of Fan Fiction

  The internet has afforded many an amateur author (myself included) to publish their works online when traditional routes have proved inaccessible..  A number of these folks have opted to write Fan Fiction, and so there has been a proliferation of Fan Fiction on the interweb over the last 10 years.  Most of it is […]

1000 Books In 10 Years; Vol. 205: The Faerie Queene (Book One), by Edmund “Ass-kissing” Spenser

  Ah… Edmund Spenser’s “The Faerie Queen” (Book 1)!  Where do I begin with a work that has so much wrong with it!  When Milton when on about how rhyme was “the Invention of a barbarous Age, to set off wretched matter and lame Meter,” I am sure it was Spenser’s Faerie Queene that he […]