Sonnet 130: Shakespeare on Photoshop?

  Before Photoshop was creating unrealistic beauty standards, there were words; sonneteers, perhaps whilst exhibiting genuine admiration for their respective beloveds, were likely the most culpable when it came to promoting unrealistic beauty standards.  Such standards have often been challenged, as was the case when Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet signed a deal with L’Oréal and insisted […]

Donne, Shakespeare, and Milton: An Argument For Marriage Equality

  With Ireland recently voting in favour of marriage equality in a national referendum, 37 of 50 states having legalized same-sex marriage, and other countries like Canada having legalized same-sex marriage as far back as 2005, it seems inevitable that marriage equality will be recognized in every civilized country before 2020.  There remains, however, staunch […]

Fav Five Shakespearean Work Not Written By Shakespeare

  The works of Shakespeare have been staged more times than is possible to count, and the film adaptations are likewise so numerous, that keeping track of them would be next to impossible, whether it is a screen adaptation of plays like Titus, starring Anthony Hopkins, Baz Luhrmann’s, Romeo + Juliet, and the forthcoming Macbeth, […]

Ken Hoshine’s Illustrated Macbeth: Shakespeare For The Young

  It can sometimes be difficult to turn youths onto the works of Shakespeare, which is understanding given that even adults struggle to read Elizabethan English.  For this reason, it is nice to see publishers like Spark Notes/No Fear Shakespeare try to make these classic works accessible to youths, such as they did with a […]

Fav Five Pieces of Fan Fiction

  The internet has afforded many an amateur author (myself included) to publish their works online when traditional routes have proved inaccessible..  A number of these folks have opted to write Fan Fiction, and so there has been a proliferation of Fan Fiction on the interweb over the last 10 years.  Most of it is […]

Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet): Existentialist Feminism vs. Patriarchal Determinism

  Feminism and comedy don’t always go hand-in-hand, but that doesn’t mean they can’t, and in her play Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) Ann-Marie MacDonald demonstrates that she is more than capable of weaving together a narrative that incorporates both humour and feminist theory in a play that is both entertaining and engaging.  MacDonald, as […]

The Tempest: Post-Colonialism, Morality, and Ecocriticism

  It is not easy to determine which of Shakespeare’s plays stand out from the rest with so many great works in his oeuvre, but The Tempest, which is believed by many to be his final play, is certainly among his finest, and may be his best comedy.  Regardless of how one views the quality […]

Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi: Andy Capp Meets Macbeth

What do you get when you lock an absurdist and a surrealist in the world of Shakespearean tragedy?  Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi.  The play reads like Andy Capp meets Macbeth and serves as an interesting experiment that appropriates the romanticized notions of regality and ambition and casts them in the realm of the base and […]

Marriage Equality, Queer Theory, and Beauty Diversity Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Though Shakespeare is most famous for his plays, his collection of sonnets have proved to be a goldmine for literary critics.  For contemporary readers, many of the poems may seem a bit kitschy or clichéd.  In the context which they were written, however, the poems serve as not only a critique of conventional poetic conceits […]

Paint, a novel by Grace Tiffany

For those who love historical fiction, and also for fans of Elizabethan England and courtier culture, there is a new novel out that may satiate your craving for something new in the genre.  Grace Tiffany, professor of Shakespeare and Renaissance literature at Western Michigan University, has recently completed a novel titled Paint, which tells the […]