It’s Just ISIS; It’s Just Satire

  On Saturday, Frebruary 28th, 2015, Saturday Night Live (SNL) aired a faux commercial as they are want to do each week, though this particular faux-mercial managed to generate far more buzz that most of the show’s skits have in recent months, much of it negative.  The commercial is a parody of a Toyota Super […]

The Fight For Complete Equality

by Miss Anne Gerist   Over the last hundred years, feminists have managed to make significant progress on behalf of all women, even those suffering from Stockholm Syndrome who continue to support patriarchal SCUM who hold us down.  We have gotten the right to vote in countries like Britain, Canada, and America, are allowed to […]

Fav Five Key & Peele Skits

For those of you who don’t know Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele (aka: Key and Peele), they are simply the funniest comedy duo in America (rivaled on the English speaking world by only Daivd Mitchell and Robert Webb).  The story goes that both were applying to the position of ‘token Black comedian’ on MADtv, and […]

Marriage Equality, Spring Break and Exploding Myths About Virtue

It is easy to watch a video from The Lonely Island and laugh at the absurdity of the juxtaposition presented.  Often times their work offers contrasts that appear so outwardly random or conflicted it seems as though there is nothing more at work than simple irrationality.  This is not the case though, as they have […]

A Meditation on the Exploitation of the Black Population

A Meditation on the Exploitation of the Black Population By: Mack Black   Greetings and salutations!  I have employed myself in an occupation where I have made some observations during my meditations on, an examination of, a variation of documentations regarding the exploitation of the slave population during the colonization of the American nation, and […]