Carter Brown’s The Corpse and the Hyper-Heterosexual Detective

The Corpse, one of the many novels from ‘Carter Brown’ (also known as Alan Geoffrey Yates) published during the golden age of pulp novels, features Brown’s most famous police detective: Al Wheeler.  He thinks outside the box, and by ‘outside the box’ I mean he likes to sleep with suspects and their daughters while moving […]

James Sallis’s Drive: Contemporary Pulp Fiction

  James Sallis has earned his living writing crime fiction, which hasn’t ingratiated him with literary critics (or even Wikipedia-article writers for that matter: not one of his books has its own Wiki page).  His style is conventional and harkens back to the pulp fiction style of classic crime novels from the 40’s and 50’s.  […]

1000 Books In 10 Years; Vol. 15, Pulp by Charles Bukowski

  Dedicated to bad writing. So opens the last novel Charles Bukowski published before he passed away of leukemia in 1994, and the narrative that follows is anything but. A contemporary detective novel that harkens back to Raymond Chandler and expresses a love for story telling, Bukowski’s work is one that dares the reader to […]