Why Feminism Is Failing

  In a recent interview with Redbook, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting was asked if she was a feminist.  Her response was a diplomatic one as she stated that she recognized the women who paved the way for her, but never considered herself a feminist as she had never felt like she had to deal with inequality.  A […]

The Fight For Complete Equality

by Miss Anne Gerist   Over the last hundred years, feminists have managed to make significant progress on behalf of all women, even those suffering from Stockholm Syndrome who continue to support patriarchal SCUM who hold us down.  We have gotten the right to vote in countries like Britain, Canada, and America, are allowed to […]

The Deconstructions of Popular Music: ‘Blurred Lines’, by Robin Thicke

  The sexual autonomy of a woman is one of the central tenants of feminism, and whilst conversations surrounding rape culture are extremely important, rape may not be the most common way in which the hegemonic institutions of patriarchal society seek to control a woman’s sexual autonomy, though this is not to suggest that rape culture […]

Madison Avenue and New Feminism

  NOTE: In the preface of her work Immigrant Acts: On Asian American Cultural Politics, Lisa Lowe notes that her work is “not an orthodoxy to be followed”, but rather a forum to generate discussion “in order to open a space in which others, perhaps finding worthy gaps, errors, or elisions, will make use of and […]