The Deconstructions of Popular Music: ‘Blurred Lines’, by Robin Thicke

  The sexual autonomy of a woman is one of the central tenants of feminism, and whilst conversations surrounding rape culture are extremely important, rape may not be the most common way in which the hegemonic institutions of patriarchal society seek to control a woman’s sexual autonomy, though this is not to suggest that rape culture […]

Eco-Friendly Country Music: A Review of The Handsome Family’s ‘Bottomless Hole’

When fist listening to The Handsome Family’s ‘Bottomless Hole’, from their 2003 album Singing Bones, (featuring ‘Far From Any Road’, which was recently used as the introduction to the hit HBO dram True Detective) it is easy to get lost in the melodic droning echoes of the vocals provided by Brett Sparks and the rhythmic unison of the […]