Fly Young Red: Challenging Hip-Hop’s Heteronormativity

  The first time I saw the video for ‘Throw That Boy Pussy’ by Fly Young Red (FYR), I instantly fell in love with the song, but with a kind of tongue-in-cheek fervor that was more an appreciation for how over-the-top it was.  However, after a second viewing, it’s clear that in the context of hip-hop, […]

The Tentative Defence of Iggy Azalea

  There is a saying about artists: “Good artists copy; Great artists steal.”  In a post-modern context, this would be referred to euphemistically as ‘appropriation’, and when it comes to hip-hop, there is perhaps no instrument from the hip-hop tool box used more commonly than the one called ‘appropriation’.  Why, then, does it create such […]