The Fight For Complete Equality

by Miss Anne Gerist   Over the last hundred years, feminists have managed to make significant progress on behalf of all women, even those suffering from Stockholm Syndrome who continue to support patriarchal SCUM who hold us down.  We have gotten the right to vote in countries like Britain, Canada, and America, are allowed to […]

Domestic Abuse, the Cowards of Anonymity, and Feigned Sympathy

  With the recent release of a videos depicting Ray Rice delivering a knock-out punch to his then fiancé (and now wife) Janay Palmer and then dragging her body out of the elevator, discussions centered on domestic violence have been dominating the internet and media.   The public response has been frustrating at best, but […]

Girls on the Loose: Erskine Caldwell’s This Very Earth

  Erskine Caldwell was not exactly popular amongst Southern whites during his literary career because he often portrayed them in less-than-flattering terms, though he himself was a Southern white.  What earned him most of his money, though, was his treatment of sexual relations.  His most famous novel is God’s Little Acre, the sexual content of which stirred […]