Carter Brown’s The Mini-Murders: Homophobia, The Male Gaze, and the Police State

  When browsing through the covers of pulp-era detective novels, especially those by Carter Brown, it’s difficult to see the hypersexualized covers and believe that any of them could be ‘progressive’ outside of a hedonistic libertarian angle, and when one reads the pages there within, and gets a glimpses at the androcentric, heteronormative, and chauvinistic […]

William Ard’s The Diary: The Libertarian Detective Novel

  William Ard tragically died of cancer at a young age, but before he did, he shared his talents with the world.  As one of the more popular writers of pulp fiction during the 50’s, he penned more than thirty novels in ten years.  Among the prolific author’s most endearing characters is Timothy Dane, a […]