The Unorthodox Corpse: The Detective’s Blazon vs. Female Autonomy

The detective novels penned by Alan Geoffrey Yates under the pseudonym Carter Brown offer a descriptive approach as to how women were viewed in sexual terms during the mid-20th century. His novel The Unorthodox Corpse is no exception.  In it, he employs the detective-era blazon, which catalogues a woman’s physical attributes like a traditional sonnet, […]

Michael Brett’s Slit My Throat Gently: Social Issues and Metafiction In Pulp-Era Detective Novels

  Michael Brett’s Slit My Throat Gently will never be remembered as a masterpiece of detective fiction, and in fact may never even be in publication again, but the work remains a joy to read as Brett manages to do what the finest detective novelists often accomplish by creating an entertaining narrative that uncovers an […]