Paint, a novel by Grace Tiffany

For those who love historical fiction, and also for fans of Elizabethan England and courtier culture, there is a new novel out that may satiate your craving for something new in the genre.  Grace Tiffany, professor of Shakespeare and Renaissance literature at Western Michigan University, has recently completed a novel titled Paint, which tells the […]

Epicoene, or The Silent Woman: Ben Jonson Lampoon Of Misogyny

Epicoene, or The Silent Woman is a Jacobean play by Ben Jonson, and like Volpone, or The Fox, it has been widely panned by feminist critics as a misogynistic work.  For example, in her essay, ‘City Talk: Women and Commodification in Jonson’s Epicoene’, Karen Newman suggests that Jonson portrays “talkative women… as monstrous… because they […]

Volpone: A Demonstration of Ben Jonson Misanthropy

In her monograph Erotic Beasts and Social Monster, Grace Tiffany suggests that there exist two androgynies in literature, the ‘mythic androgyny’, and the ‘satiric androgyny’.  While the ‘mythic’ could be, as Phyllis Rackin points out, “‘an image of transcendence’” (Tiffany, 11), the ‘satiric androgyny’ illustrates a “distrust in personal and social relationships, particularly in relationships […]