Andrew Verhoeckx’s Heading Home: Genre Defying Photorealism

  In his most recent work, Heading Home, Andrew Verhoeckx depicts New York City’s iconic Grand Central Station through his Photorealist lens.  Though the work is not yet complete, it managed to win first prize in a recent competition.  However, despite the accolades that Verhoeckx and other Photorealist painters have received, the genre has an […]

Alfred G. Villeneuve’s Algonkin Mosaic: The Canadian Plein Air

  Painting en plein air first developed as an alternative to the traditional style of painting, which relied on academic rules to impose structure on natural forms. In contrast, plein air is meant to represent the landscape in its natural state, or as one sees it.  This theme of rejecting artificial rules and boundaries is […]

A Review of Beckmann, by Reinhard Spieler

On one of my recent trips to the Detroit Institute of Art, I happened to notice a self-portrait by German painter Max Beckmann (1884-1950), which I must have seen before but had never really noticed.  Though not a work that was technically awe-inspiring, it had something in it’s style that reached me, so when I […]

Loren Kantor: Woodcutting Fool

I was recently contacted by an artist whose medium of preference is woodcarving.  Loren Kanter is a resident of Los Angeles and contacted me after visiting my website to share several woodcarvings he made of a variety of literary figures.  I was especially excited because Loren had woodcuts of two authors whose work I love: […]

Andrew Verhoeckx and the Environment

Photorealism is a genre or style of painting that aims to replicate the photographic quality of images.  It is not a style that has been widely embraced by the art community. Many perceive it as promoting technique over content, lumping photorealists with ‘illustrators’ (who likewise are unfairly cast aside by many in the art world).  […]

Lady Gaga’s Dawns Bra With A Message

OMG! Insider ‘correspondent’ Keltie Colleen has recently posted a response video to Lady Gaga’s assault-rifle brazier, suggesting that Lady Gaga is a hypocrite for taking on the role of an advocate for youths and then wearing a brazier that featured assault rifles protruding from the nipples.  Colleen’s reason for making this suggestion?  She felt that […]