Oddball Art, by Lizzy Love

Lizzy Love is artist who is originally from Essex, Ontario.  She has studied fashion design, and also expresses herself through painting.  With a style that is one part A Nightmare Before Christmas, and one part Margaret Keane, Lizzy Love manages to express herself through a delightful macabre playfulness that is uniquely her own.  A prolific artist, Lizzy Love is able to create an astounding number of paintings and is able to provide them to art lovers at reasonable and affordable rates.  To see more of these works that have helped to define the Gothic Kitsch, be sure to visit Lizzy Love’s website here, and add one her creative pieces to your collection.


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Jason John Horn is a writer and critic who recently completed his Master's in English Literature at the University of Windsor. He has composed a play, a novella and a number of short stories and satirical essays.

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