Fav Five White Stripes Videos

Meg and Jack White as photographed by the talented Annie Leibowitz

Meg and Jack White as photographed by the talented Annie Leibowitz

In honour of the late, great, White Stripes, I think it is only fitting, upon their tragic demise, to pay homage to them with a fav five.  Too many great songs to list in a fav five, so instead, I will do my fav five videos.  It will make it a little easier to sort through all the great tracks:



5.  Seven Nation Army:

Its like an image in an image in an image…. ok, its not quite the video that Fell In Love With A Girl is, or Hardest button to Button or Denial Twist, but its still pretty nice to look at, and also pretty nice to listen to.


4.  Conquest:

Unlike most the White Stripes video I enjoy, this one is more of a traditional narrative, tongue and cheek, nice visuals, over-acting and Meg White is SO HOT!!!! I was considering Icky Thump instead of this one, both videos are great, but I just like the tune in this one a little better.


3.  Fell In Love With A Girl:

Lego-mation.  There is no need to explain further how utterly awesome this video is.



2.  Hardest Button To Button:

Stop-animation with people?  Never been used better!  Such a great video, and the only tragic part, is that there arent as many Meg Whites as their were drum sets!  One Meg White is never enough!



1. The Denial Twist:

Got to love having your perceptions fucked with before your eyes.  I’m not sure how any of the stuff was done in this video, but watching tiny cars fit in enormous people who then become midgets and giants and stomp their foot through the TV. screen whilst they are performing live on the show they are watching?  Its a great head fuck with post-modern implications that I understand not!



And honourable mention to Jack White’s Coke commercial which wasn’t technically the White Stripes, so wasn’t included on the list:

And the video for I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself.  Though not as complex as some of the other videos, the minimalist approach works just as well:

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