Fav Five Version Of Jolene

‘Jolene’ was a hit song for country songstress Dolly Parton in the 70’s, and has gone on to be covered by many artists.  The following are some of my favorite covers of the song.

The beautiful and talented Dolly Parton.

The beautiful and talented Dolly Parton.

5: Queen Adreena:


The Vaudeville/Alt-rock, stripper version of Jolene. Yes, it exists, and its AWESOME!!!!! The best video of the lot easily!


4: Sisters of Mercy:


Yes, we needed a goth/metal/wtf version of the song. How could we live without such a version.


3: Strawberry Switchblade:


You might think I’m crazy, but the foux 80’s techno trip down Jolene Lane is at least one of the more original interpretations of the track. Most singers just try to replicate what Dolly does, which is simple not possible. These young ladies make no such attempt, instead, they butcher the song in ways that make a fan want to cringe, but at the same time, I just can’t help but love the attempt. My only question, who came up with the name of this fucking band? Strawberry Switchblade? Seriously?


2: The White Stripes:



Jack Whites bluesy, methodical guitar and scratchy voice is almost enough to put this version at the top of the list, but alas, there is one I feel is better.


1: Dolly Parton:


Nothing beats the original. Again, sadly, there is no official video.





Honourable mention:

Ellie Goulding:



(completely different song, same name, enjoy).

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