Fav Five “That Mitchell And Webb Look” Skits

That Mitchell And Webb Look? Some of you (save my good friend Victor) may say: WTF is that? Well, it is a sketch comedy show on the BBC staring David Mitchell and Robert Webb. For some reason this brilliantly hilarious program has not made it over to North America save Youtube. So, in hopes of creating some exposure for these two brilliant comedic minds, I thought I’d give them their own Fav Five.

Mitchell and Webb

Mitchell and Webb

5. The Brain Surgeon!


What is the difference between a doctor and a brain surgeon?



4. Playing Sherlock Holmes!


Two actors both want to headline as Sherlock Holmes, and the producers accommodate them.


3. Speedo!


A Black actor fills in for a white guy who passes away, but the writers opt not to do a re-write. “You ARE a big WHITE GUY in a suit!”


2. Evil Genius!


The Evil Genius actually appears in several skits, so this is a compilation of several skits, but the first one is priceless! If you need somebody murdered, ie, deliberately killed to death, then say so!


1. Nazis!


Two Nazis wonder if they are the bad guys. If they were fighting somebody who was marching under the banner of a rat’s anus, they would feel much better!



Honourable Mention:


A librarian who knows how to pick up:


Sports fan:


Football, football, football!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VF_uOgyBK1c&feature=related


Valley Girl Military Men? Armstrong, Miller, Mitchell and Webb, and some old dude that has the greatest comedic timing ever!

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