Fav Five Squealing Guitar Intros

Is there a better way to get a song started than with a squealing-guitar intro?  I don’t think so.  This Fav-Five list is dedicated to the masters of that form, often imitated, but rarely duplicated.

Can anybody make a guitar squeal better than rock legend Slash?

Can anybody make a guitar squeal better than rock legend Slash?

5: Like a Hurricane, Neil Young:


Ok, I have a huge bonner for Neil Young, so I had to include one song by him here, but I think it’s a legit pick regardless.



4: Against the 70’s, Mike Watt:


I’m not sure exactly, but this might actually be a squealing bass intro, being as how Mike Watt was a bass player, but either way, it’s an electric, stringed instrument with a long neck, and its AWESOME!!!!!!!



3: Voodoo Child, Jimmie:

Nearly destroyed when appropriated by Hulk “Hollywood’ Hogan and the NOW, who abused the song to no end by playing it at least twenty times every two hours on Monday and Thursday on WCW Nitro and Thunder respectively, and as many as thirteen-hundred and twelve times in one 30 minute period on December 14th, 1999, this song managed, by some miracle, to maintain its integrity and remains one of the best squealing guitar intros ever!


2: Sweet Child O Mine, GNFNR:


One of the few squealing guitar intros with a coherent melody. The song itself, not as good as Welcome To The Jungle, and once the guitar intro is done, its all down hill from there, though when you start as high as this song does, even a long descent still guarantees a great song! Oh, and Axel cannot dance!


1: Three’s Company Theme Song


Sure, sure, once you hear the ‘come and knock on our door’, it just sounds like Las Vegas cheeze ball shit, but bottom line, that squealing guitar that starts off the song is the greatest of all time. It promises a truly rocking epically awesome song full of epically, awesomely awesomeness, and while it the song itself doesn’t deliver on the promise, it is not the fault of the squealing guitar intro. If the song was only four seconds long, it would have been the great song EVER! And do not ask me why there is a video cast exclusively of African-Americans engaging in a completely disjointed narrative with no purpose. I simply couldn’t find the actual opening credits of the show on YouTube. So this is the best I can get you.

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