Fav Five Songs To Run To

I’m a big fan of listening to music whenever I go running, and there are always some songs that get me over the hump and get my legs pumping.  These are some of my favorite songs to run to.

Disco legends Boney M.

Disco legends Boney M.

5. Rasputin, by Boney M.:


The legendary lead singer of Boney M. recently passed away, quite a tragedy, but alas, he has left behind this masterpiece. Funky disco beats laid overtop of traditional Russian folk music, both mixed with a historical narrative most are used to only hearing in country or American folk songs. A sweet guitar melody, mixed with a funk-a-delic bass line, it’s a great start for any cardio work out. It was a hard pick for the fifth and final song, Welcome To The Jungle and Ain’t It Fun by GNR were on the short list, as were Pearl Jam (Do The Evolution and Smile), The White Stripes (Hardest Button To Button and Union Forever) and of course Cake’s The Distance and The Electric Six’s Gay Bar, Gay Bar Part Two, Formula 409, Down At McDonaldzzz, The Band From Hell, Pink Flamingos and a host of other great tracks from the masters of disco-guitar-funk-punk rock!


4. Don’t Stop The Rock, by The Freestylers:


I first heard this song on the classic Cadbury Commercial ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVblWq3tDwY ), but I am a mark for master marketers! It is the longest track on my list, and instantaneously contagious melody and quick tempo usually sets my pace for about a third of a 5K run. And robot voices are always cool.


3. The Knight Rider Theme:


Its only about 80 second long, but its rock-steady bass line always comes in handy when I’m feeling the weight of my body slowing me down, and it lifts me up long enough to get a second wind.




2. Bittersweet Symphony, by The Verve:

This likely has more to do with the fact that it was used in a motivating Nike commercial:

But as I said, I’m a sucker for great marketing, and anytime this song pops up around the 2.5K mark, it usually pushes me to run out to the 5K mark before I turn back to go home.  Of course, Instant Karma, by John Lennon also gets a nod here, due to its uber movitavtional Nike commmercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JB49FHuR_rQ




1. Total Eclipse Of The Heart, by Bonnie Tyler:


Slow intro, great build up, multiple rockin’ tempo peaks follow by slow downs that let you catch your breath. There just isn’t a better song to keep you motivated through a tough cardio work out!

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