Fav Five Sequel Songs

Great movies often times have sequels, so why not great songs?  Here is a look as some great sequels to some great songs.

Detroit rock band Electric Six got a lot of attention with their hit 'Gay Bar', and so decided to make a sequel.

Detroit rock band Electric Six got a lot of attention with their hit ‘Gay Bar’, and so decided to make a sequel.

We’ll start off with a few honourable mentions:

Wind Up Toy by Alice Cooper (sequel to Years Ago/Steven)


This was a creepy song, though not as good as the hauntingly eerie original combo tracks from Cooper album Welcome To My Nightmare. Years Ago/Steven are below, and are worth a listen.



Shine On Crazy Diamond Parts VI-IX (sequel to… I think you can figure that one out)

Great stuff… but not for the casual PF fan.


Pigs On the Wing Part 2 by Pink Floyd (sequel to… pretty obvious, no?)


Pretty much the same as the original outside of slight lyrical alterations. Good thing about it, if you don’t like it, you will only lose a minute and a half of your time, where as, if you don’t like Shine on Crazy Diamond Parts XXII- ILLL, then you’ve wasted the first three quarters of your life just waiting to get to the lyrics!


Metamorphosis Parts 2-5 by Phillip Glass (Yes, it is a sequel to Metamorphosis Part 1)


Even if you don’t know the name, you know some of his songs. He’s written a number of great scores for film, but his minimalist piano work remains among his best in my opinion.



Another Brick in the Wall Parts 2 and 3 (Umm…. Another obvious one, yes?)

Sequels of sorts, but written along with the first, though unlike Pigs On the Wing, there is more than just slight lyrical changes in the second and third parts, tempo, instrumentation and over all tone are quit different!


Fav Five:


5: Bushleaguer by Pearl Jam (sequel to Smashing Pumpkins’ Today)


The Pearl Jam sequel:


The Smashing Pumpkins’ original:



4: The Seed 2.0 by the Roots (sequel to The Seed)



I had never heard of the Roots before this track came out, and I fell in love with them immediately! Though as I went through their catalogue most of their other tracks seem to be straight up rap. This one though has an eclectic array of sounds, from rap, to hip-hop, to rock riffs and bluesy folk rock stuff.


3 A):Bad by Michael Jackson (sequel to Beat It).




Catchy pop beats, what more do you expect from Quincy Jones and MJ. Not a fan of MJ as a person, but this track, as well as the original (Beat It), are classic and always easy to listen to, and even easier to laugh at when you realize that “The King Of Pop” is trying to pass himself off as a streetwise, hardcore gangsta that can handle himself on the mean streets of whatever generic urban city he is supposed to be in. I think most gangstas will pull out their ‘Nines’ before agree to a dance off, most especially one with MJ.


Beat It:


3 B): Fat by Weird Al (sequel to Eat It)




For those who grew up with Michael Jackson on the radio, you likely grew up with Weird Al as well. Mr. Y. did me the favour of introducing me to MJ, The Police, The Rolling Stones and countless flash-in-the-pan-one-hit-wonderful 80’s groups from the Greg Khin Band to Men Without Hats. These two tracks are vintage Weird Al!


2: Unforgiven Too by Metallica (sequel to The Unforgiven)


Unforgiven Too:


The Unforgiven:


For those of you who thought Metallica lost their balls when Bob Rock came into the studio with them, and that they were playing to the wanker, hair-band, wanna-be-metal-ballods with ‘The Unforgiven’, fear not, for Unforgiven Too is a kick-your-teeth-in reinterpretation of the original, playing around with the chords, tempo and making sure you hear the guitar this time around. No crying at the end of this one!



1: Gay Bar Part Two (sequel to Gay Bar)

Gay Bar Part Two:

(Warning, this song was too awesome to have an official video)


Gay Bar:



The Electric Six is the great band of all time, so it makes sense that they would have the greatest sequel song. The original is a catchy, surfer-guitar-disco-rock anthem that in instantaneously catchy, the sequel, a equally captivatingly contagious track that drops the surfer shit and serves as straight up guitar-punk-dicso-pop-rock classic!




Sequels to avoid

The Devil Went Back to Georgia by Johnny Cash


The Devil Went Down to Jamaica by ?!?!?!!?



The Devil Came Up To Michigan by KMC KRU



The Man In White by Johnny Cash (sequel to Man In Black


Taxi Take Two by Harry Chapin


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