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Answer song: a song that is a response to a previously recorded song. You know, like how Lynard Skynard was SO disgusted by Neil Young being opposed to racism and slavery that they wrote a response to Neil Young’s Alabama and Southern Man (and by write I mean simply speed up the tempo of the Neil Young song of the same name and change lyrics around). It’s a redneck anthem where slavery and racial discrimination is happily promoted without having to actually say it! Naturally, that song will not be in this list, being as how it is so horrible and morally reprehensible, but here, as requested by my good friend Richard Brett, a list of my Five Fav answer songs. I put this one together in a hurry, so I may have left off some great tracks by accident.

No genre of music has more 'response' songs than hip-hop, and there perhaps none better, and Dr. Dre is among the best at the form.

No genre of music has more ‘response’ songs than hip-hop, and there perhaps none better, and Dr. Dre is among the best at the form.



5. Every Eminem Song Ever Made: 8Mile



Kim and Dre, and Halley, and Mom, Detroit and 8-Mile. The title says it all.



4. Slim Anus: ICP:



Rap seems to be littered by performers who are constantly trying to prove their masculinity, and sadly in our culture asserting your own masculinity, or attempts to emasculate other men, as usually saturated with homophobic slurs and such. This song is one such song. It may not be clever, but it certainly does epitomize the type of approach taken by many in terms of ‘battle’ rap and the one-upmanship that often appears in rap and hip-ho.



3. Hippy Dream: Neil Young



More thought out than most ‘battle rap’ song, though still not a big hit, Neil Young’s Hippy Dream is a response to the track “Wooden Ships” by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, where Neil responds to idealistic nature of the youth exuded by both himself, and bandsmates Crosby Still and Nash, and in the process discourages the idealistic and romanticised interpretation many have of the 1960’s hippy movement.


2. Fuck You: Cee-Lo Green





I didn’t actually know this was a response song, but apparently this is Cee-Lo Green’s response to a song by the same name by English singer Lily Allen. Its catchy and current, so I figured I’d include this one.



1. Still Dre: Dr. Dre




Not a response to a specific song, but rather a response both to his own work as a member or the NWA and some of the tracks they recorded, and also a response to the collective attitudes of many in the hip-hop community that saw Dre as past his prime or irrelevant. In the hip-hop genre, I don’t think there is anyone better than Dre. He doesn’t need to drop homophobic slurs, he is articulate, and he can wrap like a mummy? Of course, Forgot About Dre and a couple other tracks can also be seen as similar thematically as Still Dre, but I’m going with this one and recommending taking a listen to the entire album to all!

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