Fav Five Mitchell And Webb Situation Sketches

Mitchell and Webb are a pair of British sketch artists who are the minds behind several hit shows in Britain, including; That Mitchell and Webb Look, The Mitchell and Webb Situation, and Peep Show.  These are five clips from their sketch comedy show: The Michell and Webb Situation.

Mitchell and Webb

Mitchell and Webb

5.  Dr. Death



This scientist is far ahead of his time!




4.   Conspiracy Theory





Three conspiracies shot down.  Moon landing?  Princess Di?  Aliens.




3. Battle Star Galactica



A must see for any BSG fans… this one is fracking funny!




4. Cyrano de Bergerac



Ah… what women want.  Sometimes when we find out how the female brains works, we lose all interest.


5. KKK



A brilliant lampooning of the KKK costumes.  Their outfits are almost a ridiculous as their view on race.

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