Eco-Friendly Country Music: A Review of The Handsome Family’s ‘Bottomless Hole’

When fist listening to The Handsome Family’s ‘Bottomless Hole’, from their 2003 album Singing Bones, (featuring ‘Far From Any Road’, which was recently used as the introduction to the hit HBO dram True Detective) it is easy to get lost in the melodic droning echoes of the vocals provided by Brett Sparks and the rhythmic unison of the […]

Marriage Equality, Spring Break and Exploding Myths About Virtue

It is easy to watch a video from The Lonely Island and laugh at the absurdity of the juxtaposition presented.  Often times their work offers contrasts that appear so outwardly random or conflicted it seems as though there is nothing more at work than simple irrationality.  This is not the case though, as they have […]

Yeezus: Sexist, Arrogant, Insensitive and Brilliant

Walking into HMV, it was clear which of the new releases belonged to Kanye West.  A perfectly clear jewel case containing a silver disc with nothing but a piece of tape wrapped around the edge and a parental advisory sticker on the front.  What other artist would be audacious or creative enough to release and […]

The Deconstruction Of Popular Music: “Grenade”, by Bruno Mars

When it comes to the notes on the page, Bruno Mars certainly knows how to put together a great melody, and backing harmonies as well, and his vocals are top notch, so it is not surprising that his single ‘Grenade’, the hit single from his debut album Doo-Wops and Hooligans performed as well as it did.  […]

The Deconstruction Of Popular Music: “Cats In The Cradle”, by Harry Chapin

‘Cats In the Cradle’, from the album Verities and Baldersah, is one of those songs with a catchy melody and familiar words that hooks the listener and encourages them to sing along by drawing on images from childhood.  The lyrics, however, are sombre and problematic.  It is a first-person narrative where an absentee father seems to […]

The Deconstruction Of Popular Music: “Funky Cold Medina”, performed by Tone Lōc

There are those who suggest that we live in what is called a “rape culture”, where a society portrays rape or sexual violence as acceptable and where people and media normalize, excuse or condone rape.  There are those that would suggest we don’t live in a society that projects “rape culture”, but it would seem the […]

The Deconstruction of Popular Music: “Wild World”, by Cat Stevens

When I was just a lad of ten (or so) I first heard the song “Wild World” from the album Tea For the Tillerman, by Cat Stevens (now known as Yusuf Islam but originally named Steven Demetre Georgiou ).  It was a pleasant, upbeat melody with foreboding lyrics, warning the listener that it is a […]

Literary Ramblings: The Floating Island Of The Real (a review of The Lonely Islands “I’m On a Boat”)

For those who haven’t seen or heard “I’m On a Boat”, you may want to watch the video before reading the proceeding article. Follow the link below. In employing aspects of the pastiche, inter-textual play, and bricolage and by indulging in appropriation on a massive scale, it seems that contemporary hip-hop and rap serve as […]

Literary Ramblings: The New Bostonians

The Dresden Dolls are akin to a Bostonian/Vaudevillian inversion of the White Stripes. Rather then an enigmatic leading male who takes on vocals and guitar, the Dresden Dolls are headed by the theatrically charismatic Amanda Palmer who plays the part of lead vocalist and pianist, and is backed up by drummer Brian Viglione. For their […]