Green Eggs and Ham: A Warning About the American Melting Pot

Green Eggs and Ham: A Warning About the American Melting Pot By David Jewison   After the Second World War, many Jews were left breathless in the wake of atrocities that occurred, and America was very much on the verge of the Cold War.  Americans knew that they needed more than just military help to […]

Tá Gaeilge agam

  My middle name is Fada, yes like síneadh fada’, let me explain.  It’s hard enough to introduce yourself to people when you have a long list of aliases. I am Lionel but everyone in my family calls me Harry. My mother gave me a second middle name after my baptism, when I was too […]

Oddball Art, by Lizzy Love

Lizzy Love is artist who is originally from Essex, Ontario.  She has studied fashion design, and also expresses herself through painting.  With a style that is one part A Nightmare Before Christmas, and one part Margaret Keane, Lizzy Love manages to express herself through a delightful macabre playfulness that is uniquely her own.  A prolific artist, […]

The Fight For Complete Equality

by Miss Anne Gerist   Over the last hundred years, feminists have managed to make significant progress on behalf of all women, even those suffering from Stockholm Syndrome who continue to support patriarchal SCUM who hold us down.  We have gotten the right to vote in countries like Britain, Canada, and America, are allowed to […]

Crime and Punishment

    Crime And Punishment     By George Wright   Where can we go in this world that is plagued by mortal sins?  Where do we go in a world that is suffocating in the fiercely clinched fists of pure evil?  We stare in to a false veil of freedom, walking everyday through a […]

Hollywood And Zion, Karl K. Karloff

Hollywood And Zion   By: Karl K. Karloff   Whilst many were appalled when one Mel Gibson made what seems on the surface to be anti-Semitic remarks regarding the hold the Jewish community has over the media, a hold I might add that though internationally steadfast is most especially noticed in America, it remains, for […]

A Meditation on the Exploitation of the Black Population

A Meditation on the Exploitation of the Black Population By: Mack Black   Greetings and salutations!  I have employed myself in an occupation where I have made some observations during my meditations on, an examination of, a variation of documentations regarding the exploitation of the slave population during the colonization of the American nation, and […]

Joining Forces Against The Gays, by Pope Beinadick LXIX

Note on the text: Pope Beinadick LXIX is not to be confused with Pope Benedict XVI, even if he mistakenly takes ownership over words spoken by Benedict (though that said, I imagine the two have very much in commong).  Enjoy. Joining Forces Against The Gays, by Pope Beinadick LXIX For centuries, leading world religions have […]

Abortion Rocks! (by Miss. Ann Thropist)

Abortion Rocks! by:  Miss. Ann Thropist I only have respect for an opponent who takes a hard line on a subject.  I want black, or white, none of these pathetic shades of gray that bleeding heart liberals want the naïve reader to believe exists in this world of clear absolutes.  These Pro-Choice advocates, they just […]

Photorealism, by Andrew Verhoeckx

  Andrew Verhoeckx is a photorealist who did his undergraduate degree for visual arts at the University of Windsor and earned his Master’s at Cranbrook.  He teamed with Jason John Horn on the play “The King’s Attrition” for which he drew the illustrations.  His oil paints can be seen via the link above.  For those […]