Making A Murderer: Why Steven Avery’s Guilt Or Innocence Is Irrelevant

  The Netflix documentary Making a Murderer has set the internet ablaze, leading over 350,000 people to sign a petition to pardon the film’s subject, Steven Avery, thereby expanding the way people engage with film and television and the direct impact that entertainment media can have on the real world.  While many debate over whether Avery […]

Holding Police Accountable: How To Curb Police Brutality

  At their current pace, American police are on track to kill 1,100 people this year, and of those that they have killed so far this year, 161 were unarmed.  Though excessive and unlawful force was used in many cases, securing prosecution is difficult as prosecutors are often unsuited to try these cases given that […]

10 Reasons Stephen Harper Doesn’t Deserve The Conservative Vote

  This election, Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are relying on their base more than ever by appealing to core conservative principles, and it is understanding why this would appeal to conservative-minded people.  Issues like the definition of marriage, and abortion are divisive issues that people hold strong opinions about.  As a result, when people […]

Face Coverings: What’s the BFD?

  In reference to the now infamous and distracting niqab debate, Stephen Harper has recently stated that it is “offensive that someone would want to hide their identity at the very moment where they are committing to join the Canadian family”.  The Conservative Facebook page has recently posted the quote and asked Facebook users whether […]

What Does Stephen Harper Mean By ‘Old Stock’?

  In a recent debate, Stephen Harper referred to ‘old-stock Canadians’ in response to a comment about refugees seeking asylum in Canada and his policy on limiting healthcare for certain claimants.  The issue of healthcare aside, Harper’s use of the term ‘old-stock Canadians’ carries with it overt xenophobic and Islamophobic overtones in the context of […]

Why Canada Shouldn’t Give Stephen Harper Another Term

  On October 19th, 2015, Canada will hold its 42nd general election to determine who will be the next Prime Minister.  Over the last three terms, Canadians voters have kept Stephen Harper and his Conservative party in power, and Harper is currently seeking a fourth (because apparently three terms hasn’t been enough to satiate his […]


  When speaking to a historic Black church in Missouri, Hillary Clinton made the ‘mistake’ of saying “All lives matter”, rather than “Black lives matter”, a phrasing for which she was roundly criticized.  When presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley made the same blunder, he quickly apologized for this ‘misstep’.  Jeb Bush, however, came forward to suggest […]

The ‘Good’ Ones (or Not All Cops)

  So far this year, over 500 people in America have been killed by police.  The Washington Post, in an article that has since been taken down because it had been ‘inadvertently published’, reported that FBI statistics put the number of homicides committed by police on pace for more than a thousand this year, though […]

Rachel Dolezal and the Fluidity of ‘Race’

  Several years ago when Chastity Bono transitioned into Chaz Bono, he received a significant amount of public support, with the media recognizing his ascent into manhood.  Recently, when former Olympian Bruce Jenner transitioned into Caitlyn Jenner, a similar phenomenon occurred, with a host of media outlets embracing her transition.  Recently, however, another kind of […]

It’s Just ISIS; It’s Just Satire

  On Saturday, Frebruary 28th, 2015, Saturday Night Live (SNL) aired a faux commercial as they are want to do each week, though this particular faux-mercial managed to generate far more buzz that most of the show’s skits have in recent months, much of it negative.  The commercial is a parody of a Toyota Super […]