A Meditation on the Exploitation of the Black Population

A Meditation on the Exploitation of the Black Population

By: Mack Black



Greetings and salutations!  I have employed myself in an occupation where I have made some observations during my meditations on, an examination of, a variation of documentations regarding the exploitation of the slave population during the colonization of the American nation, and during my contemplations and investigations (of which I have few expectations, only aspirations that they will encourage others to accept my invitation to make considerations regarding information of a variation of degradations which have no justification but do require both investigation and explanation into the exploitation of the slave population during the colonization of the American nation), I have made a creation during the application and invocation of my imagination, an implication, a proclamation, an affirmation, an articulation, a vocalization, and yes, a declaration! that it was an abomination that the culmination of the legislation which lead to the legalization of the emancipation proclamation and the liberation of the slave population, didn’t reach its maturation before the exploitation of the plantation generation, and didn’t assist in the elimination, termination, or dissipation of the degradation, exploitation and dehumanization of the slave population of this, the plantation generation.

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King

The stagnation and constipation of the liberation of the slave population was an indignation and encouraged a deviation from liberation and salvation, and led to the propagation of a variation of degradations which included: starvation, intensification of their occupations, escalation of deprivation and dilapidation, poor habitation, mutilation, castration, amputation, the consumption of urination, the annihilation, extermination, and obliteration of many of the enslaved population,  and the molestation of those of the female persuasion (and sometimes male persuasion, though this was with far less regulation) in the enslaved population.   What bastardization of a civilization encourages limitations to liberation and prevents emancipation while allowing the ‘master’ population to trade in masturbation for vices such as molestation?  Yes molestation, copulation and fornication, and why?   Because the ‘master’ population preferred the sensation, gratification and intensification of lubrication and perspiration along with the gyrations of one from the female persuasion.  These degradations lead to the emancipation and evacuation of their own ejaculation which is followed by the saturation of the one of the female persuasion who was enduring the molestation and copulation, which leads to impregnation, preventing ovulation and menstruation.  Anticipation of such humiliations (along with the stagnation of liberation) incurs mortification and devastation, which is sure to encourage those of the enslaved population, who have no form of alleviation or mitigation from their station which is full of a variation of degradations, to take into consideration and contemplation the thought of confrontation.  The incarceration of the enslaved population leads them to laminations of the assassination of the ‘master’ population, whose combination of legislation and physical domination kept the enslaved population in captivation and incarceration.

Malcolm X

Malcolm X

Even during the revelations in the Haitian nation, which lead the elimination of some tribulations and trepidations of their black population, the black population of the American nation (whose master population was fighting for their own liberation) received no such salvation.  Mutilation, castration, and other degradations, also followed the slave nation through the migration during the investigation, examination and exploration of a new destination during western colonization. This proliferation of exploitation  during the multiplication of American colonization in this new location, gave the caucasian population a new appreciation of the enslaved population as they had expectations of high remuneration and compensation for their western plantations, lending the Black population more room for negotiation over their occupation and compensation for their exploitation.  Slave importation to this new destination still lent itself to the degradation faced during the plantation generation at the hand of the caucasian population who, making a dramatization out of the desperation for high compensation for these new plantations, used old rationalizations to defend the degradation placed on the slave population.  Again (as in both the Charter Generation and the Plantation Generation) new locations and destinations led to separation of relations when those of the black population were faced with evacuation and deportation to their new western destinations.



Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass

With the cultivation, intensification and proliferation of the slave population, and amplification of their proclamations, affirmations, articulations, vocalizations and declarations of their desires for liberation, emancipation and salvation, the elevation of the slave population reached the maturation and graduation laid out by their aspirations and anticipations, and legislation lead to the legalization of the emancipation proclamation.  But even after the ‘salvation’ and legislation which led to the legalization of the emancipation proclamation, and in the age of innovations such: automation, aviation, animation and most important: liberation (which was supposed to lead to the depreciation of the domination of the Black population), the Black population was still kept in a formation of captivation through: segregation (which encouraged alienation, isolation and separation), taxation (which encouraged inflation and depreciation the Black population’s remuneration) and assimilation (which led to the elimination of the reafricanization of the Black population).  This is hardly cause for celebration or feelings of exhilaration and vindication, but rather feelings of frustration, aggravation and irritation when one’s emancipation allows no way of identification with your home nation, and the taxation and segregation leads to the propagation of a class separation where the caucasian population maintains domination as labour intensification of lower-class occupations lead to fruitless demonstrations in labour negotiations.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry, who is one of very few African American actresses to secure an Oscar.

The prison population is another demonstration of the caucasian population’s domination over the Black population, where Blacks are given an abbreviation of liberation and emancipation and are put on probation and/or into incarceration, with little justification and rarely receive exoneration as caucasians who show little hesitations and vacillation  in placing those of the Black population into incarceration and captivation, use provocations and aggravations as minor as intoxication.



Richard Wright

Richard Wright, who documented the life of African Americans in the mid-20th century with his novels and autobiographies.

Sadly, the Asian population (who arrived in earlier generations through immigration), and the New Nations population (who has also endured the caucasian population’s facilitation of degradation), has also faced domination from the caucasian population.  Perhaps the Asian population, and the African population, along with the New Nations, need to consider an amalgamation, an amalgamation which would lend itself to the de-intensification of their social incarceration.  While many may feel that such abominations and degradation faced dissipation in our generation, this is a hallucination, there are still correlations and demonstrations of the caucasian population’s fixation with domination in the Regan administration and in the current Republican and Democratic  organizations.



Dr. Bill Cosby

Dr. Bill Cosby, who transcended stereotypes of African Americans with his hit sitcom The Cosby Show during the 80’s and 90’s.

There needs to be sincere consideration, contemplation, and communication regarding these abominations.  There is no justification for the continuation of caucasian domination over the rest of the population.  We need the current administration to enact legislation that allows for the creation of an organization which is responsible for the examination of such discrimination, an organization (to work in correlation with legislation) which carries the authorization to make rectifications to unjust situations such as the caucasian domination of the rest of the population, and can help the proliferation, propagation, facilitation and circulation of the annihilation, termination and dissipation of the caucasian domination.



Barrack Obama

Barrack Obama, the first African American president.

This is not an application for adulation, admiration, congratulations or idolization, but rather a translation of my meditations which in its culmination and has become an application for your facilitation and sustentation of the equalization of the entire population regardless of race considerations.  My motivation is not adulation, but true emancipation and liberation, so please take into consideration and contemplation these situations and promote the avocation, publication, and elevation of these worthy idealizations.

Thank you for both your patronization and participation.

Morgan Freeman

God is Black


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