1000 Books In 10 Years; Vol. 209: America Again (Re-Becoming The Greatness We Never Weren’t), by Stephen Colbert (and friends)


In the follow-up to his NUMBER ONE (1!) NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER I AM AMERICA (AND SO CAN YOU!), political satirist Stephen Colbert is back with his latest lampoon of America’s far right with: American Again: Re-Becoming The Greatness We Never Weren’t.  Colbert (and his usual cast of co-authors), effortlessly satirizes the arrogance of American nationalism and Republican politics.  On the menu: Jobs, Healthcare, Wall Street, Energy, Elections, Justice and Food, among other items.  There is of course the story of the Aynt and the grasshopper, which details how an ant is hard at work and is ultimately crushed under the foot of Ayn Rand “because the way the ants all worked together in their colony reminded her of Socialism.”  Colbert also details how the Democrats destroyed American jobs with the advent of minimum wage:  “The minimum wage ruined the proud tradition of the sweatshop.  You start paying workers a minimum wage, the next thing you know they’re demanding air-conditioning and less flammable shirtwaist materials.”  And if you are looking for a job, Colbert suggests you include your 28 Twitter followers as references.  Healthcare is of course targeted.  Oh the wonders of Viagra:  “Let’s knock orthopedic boots!”  Energy?  America makes up 5% of the world’s population, but uses 20% of the world’s energy.  Great!  As Colbert notes, America is “beating expectations by 400%, according to [his] diesel-powered calculator.”  And it is of course in the chapter on energy that Colbert makes his now infamous reference to Windsor:  “Before we can harness geothermal power, we have to take the planet’s temperature with a geothermometer.  And I have no idea where the Earth’s rectum is!”  The footnote asks: “Windsor, Canada?”  Colbert also suggests which books are wrong for America:  The Catcher In The Rye: He’s a phony with a pro-hooker agenda.  Curious George: Did you know he was “Bi-curious George” in College?  The Adventures Of Huckleberry Fynn: Uses the N word.  Winnie The Pooh: Uses the T word.  Pride and Prejudice:  Someone’s awfully proud of how much she hates Puerto Ricans.  The book is filled with funny and clever observations.  Obviously, this is not a book for conservative-minded people.  Colbert clearly has a distaste for that side of the political spectrum, a distaste which is understandable and justified in my opinion, but that does not mean he pulls punches on the left.  Colbert is happy to get a laugh at the expense of the Democrats if it serves his purpose.  If you have watched and enjoyed The Colbert Report, and have read and enjoyed his last book, you will no doubt enjoy this one as much.

And of course, this book is brought to you in 3-D!


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Jason John Horn is a writer and critic who recently completed his Master's in English Literature at the University of Windsor. He has composed a play, a novella and a number of short stories and satirical essays.

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