1000 Books In 10 Years; Vol. 16: The Myth of Sisyphus, by Al-bear Cam-ooh!

Albert Camus

If The Myth of Sisyphus were written as a blog post today, it might go a little like this:

So, lets say you want to kill yourself, right? Well, like, don’t. ‘Cause it doesn’t make sense. Right? Here, let me explain. Lets say some dude has a sword, and he’s like going to attack a bunch of dudes that have machine guns. Well that’s absurd, right? Duh! But, maybe he isn’t absurd. Maybe we are absurd, and he like, has something that’s worth dying for. Right? That’s not absurd. But if its, like, worth dying for, then isn’t it worth living for? But if its not worth living for, then it isn’t worth dying for, right? That’s absurd. And you know what, the absurd is?  God. Because the idea of god is absurd right? But let me shock you with this: Sin is the absurd without god! Whoa! Did I just fuck your mind or what? Its all like, metaphysical and like, existential. Totally! So now, we must, like the donkey, feed on the roses of illusion. No? Yeah. Like, I read this guy Kierkegaard, and I’m not even sure how to pronounce his name, and he said stuff like this. Suicide, is like the solution to the absurd. But there is not absolute truth, and that’s the truth. But then, there is an absolute truth. WHOA!!! A paradox! If your mind wasn’t fucked yet, I just fucked it now, didn’t I. Ok, so now that we got all that done, now we can start. [Editor’s note, this is literally said halfway through the book, this ‘prologue’of sorts  is as long as the ‘book’… I see a problem with that!] And there was this Greek dude, and his name was Sisyphus, and he locked up death so we wouldn’t die, but then, like death got away (clever bastard!), but Sisyphus tricked him (not so clever bastard.. lol @ death) , and then the other gods got him (Sisyphus I mean, not death, damn dangling modifiers!) and made him push this rock up a mountain, and everyday it falls down and he’s like gotta push back up again. Bummer right? Well, guess what, imagine that guy being happy. Now isn’t that cool? I read this guy Kirilov, and I think I can actually pronounce that name, though I’m not sure I got it right (oh, and when you pronounce my name, the “t” at the end of Albert is silent… like Al-bear… cool eh?). And this guy Jasper, I can TOTALLY pronounce his name no problem (oh, and my last name, Camus, the “S” is silent too, so its like camel only instead of an ‘el’ at the end its an ‘oooh’, like as in oooh-lal-la!)! He said some fucked up shit to. So anyways, now you are convinced not to kill yourself, right? Sweet! Mission accomplished Al-bear (that’s right, I talk about myself in third person)!





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