1000 Books In 10 Years; Vol. 159: Cezanne, by Hajo Duchting

This is another book from the Taschen collection.  As is the case with all Taschen books, there is a plethora of beautiful high-gloss images for the reader to browse through, and it is a great book just to look at.  It is not a comprehensive collection of Cezanna’s work, but it has a great number of his works in it and it is a fair representation of his work I believe.  I was recently at a gallery in Toronto and had the chance to see some of these works in person, but alas, I did not know about the showing and so missed my opportunity.  Still, I have seen some of his works are the Detroit Institute of Art in the past and they are on a par with many of the Impressionist works and though Cezanne did not necessarily see himself as an Impressionist, he is viewed as such by many, myself included.  The still-life paintings he did are a little tame, but his portraits, which he wasn’t so big a fan of, were among his best works in my eyes.  The book also offers autobiographical details of Cezanne’s life and details the responses to his work during his lifetime, and also offers some critical responses to some of his works.  Not the most interesting reading , but it was fair and not too laborious.

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