1000 Books in 10 Years; Vol. 106: Sherlock Holmes, by “Sir” Arthur Conan Doyle

Being a fan of both Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and House, and having been anticipating the new Sherlock Holmes movies, I thought it only fit to finally get around to reading the source material that has served as the prototype for some of my favourite fictional personalities. The collection of short stories I read, though entertaining at times and easy to read, don’t carry with them the same magic as the film reincarnations of this beloved character. I expected to see more of a diverse relationship between Watson and Holmes, but contrary to the screen versions of Holmes, be it Robert Downey Jr. playing Holmes, himself, Hugh Laurie playing Gregory House, or Vincent D’Onofrio play Robert Goren, (the various reincarnations display a variety of strained relationships), the relationship presented in the text seems to be one of master and student. Watson comes across as a subservient witness to Holmes’s brilliance, and nothing more. But that said I have only read a small portion of the Sherlock Holmes text. I have read only 8 of 56 short stories, not to mention the 4 novels, so I reserve judgement for now and say only that it was pleasurable reading thus far.

Words I thought I’d look up:

Mastiff: A large, powerful, smooth-haired dog.

Virulent: Very poisonous.

Piquant: Spicy or savoury.

Chevy: Alternate spelling chivvy. To urge or harass somebody.


Petrel: Seabird.

Bimetallic: Made of two metals.

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